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Brain Metastasis: Emerging Treatments & Reasons to be Hopeful

Living with metastatic cancer means you'll meet many doctors (at least I hope you do because a 2nd opinion can sometimes save our lives). At this point, after living with this disease for 6.5 years, I have a whole team of amazing doctors all around the country that are involved in my care. One of them is Dr. Nancy Lin, Director of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and a world leader in the research and treatment of breast cancer brain metastasis. Brain metastasis is an especially difficult diagnosis for metastatic breast cancer patients and is associated with poorer prognosis. Still, there are treatment options and a diagnosis of brain mets doesn't necessarily mean the end is near. That's why Dr. Lin and I came together and decided to do a webinar where she'd update the audience on the latest treatment options and we'd entwine stories of real people living with breast cancer brain metastases.

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